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Tattoo aftercare:

Any skin injury carries the risk of infection, until the body can again form protective skin over the injury.  To support the body, please note the following important points: Please remove the protective film after 2-3 hours and wash the tattoo with clear water (i.e. without additives such as soap, etc.). Then apply a thin layer of cream to the tattoo with Tattoo Balm (Dragon Blood).



What does consistent mean?

Since each skin type is individually different, no exact information can be given about how often you should apply cream to your tattoo.  That means, depending on the skin type (dry to oily skin) approx. 6 times a day if the skin is not covered by clothing.

If the skin is covered by clothing, foil must be worn, which must be changed every 3 hours.


What does thin cream mean?


If the cream is applied too thin, the skin dries out and tears, this can lead to color loss and scarring.  If the cream is applied too thick, the skin swells, which also leads to the loss of color.  Healing is delayed as a result, and  the risk of infection is increased.


How long do I have to apply healing cream and foil?

10 days




Unfortunately, there is still a rumor that you shouldn't take a shower with a new tattoo. Please don't do that to your fellow human beings! Of course, you are allowed to take a shower, just make sure to use ph-neutral and / or perfume-free soap. Only a longer full bath (i.e. longer than 15 minutes) is not advisable (skin softening).




Another prejudice! Of course, you don't have to be in shadow from now on. The fresh tattoo should just not be "fried" excessively. That means, when sunbathing, just cover with a small towel as soon as it gets too much.

If you have any problems or questions regarding your tattoo, please contact us at any time.

We can be reached Tuesday to Saturday from 6.30pm to 8pm. We are always there for you to check your tattoo.

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