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Vilseck: Don't be afraid of the withdrawal of US troops

October 14, 2020

When mother and daughter share the same passion. Manuela and daughter Lisa run a joint tattoo studio in Vilseck. But the future of the studio is still open. The reason for this is the withdrawal of US soldiers.

Manuela and Lisa from Vilseck, mother and daughter, who run a tattoo studio together. The mother's passion has passed on to the daughter, as has the talent. The studio is doing well, both are booked out for months. Nevertheless, the future of the joint studio seems uncertain. The reason: the withdrawal of US soldiers.

Customers from all over the world:
Manuela has been tattooing for around 25 years, Lisa for almost five. Manuela has gained worldwide fame over the years in the field of Polynesian tattoos. Her customers come to her in Vilseck from all over the world to get a tattoo. That is why the planned withdrawal of US troops does not pose too much of a problem for them this time. It was different years ago when the troops withdrew for the Iraq war. That led her to the edge of her professional existence at the time.

Trust in yourself and your abilities:
Today, her daughter Lisa has made a name for herself primarily with Americans stationed in Germany. The news of the planned withdrawal of US troops from Germany was understandably not received with enthusiasm. After an initial shock, Lisa is nevertheless optimistic about the future.

According to her own statement, she has around 90% US customers as customers, but that is why she is currently booked for months. If the Americans really left, she is confident that German customers, whom she cannot give an appointment now, will fill the gap. Two things also give her confidence. On the one hand because she has confidence in her own abilities, on the other hand because she has her family by her side.

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