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  1. These contractual conditions apply to all artistic works to be produced in the “Manu Tattoo” tattoo studio, regardless of the person carrying out the work or the chosen medium.

  2. Children and young people are not tattooed.

  3. The draft of the tattoo or any other graphic work is always preceded by a free initial consultation and a paid consultation. Both discussions can only take place in person or by telephone. The consultation is used to determine the style you want (island), to fill out a questionnaire and, if necessary, to plan the tattoo itself and to make an appointment.

    Also beyond the consultation, we ask for your understanding that any other communication except by post can only take place through a personal interview in the studio or as part of a telephone call. We are simply unable to use other communication channels (messenger services, e-mail, answering machines, etc.) for organizational reasons, because there are too many of them. In this respect, we have to limit ourselves to these channels for a reliable exchange of information.

    The consultation will be remunerated in cash with a gross amount of € 150 at the end of the consultation, if you consider this to be satisfactory in your own decision. The payment is therefore at your discretion. This applies regardless of whether a tattoo is commissioned. In the event of its performance, the amount will not be offset against the price for the subsequent tattoo. If a consultation is to take place by telephone, we unfortunately have to insist on receiving the consultation fee in advance by registered letter in cash. Its payment is not yet a binding agreement on the creation of a tattoo, it cannot be reclaimed in the event of its performance and does not constitute a down payment for a tattoo to be created. If a telephone consultation is desired, this can only be done on weekdays between 13 : 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. or between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

The work is created using the traditional symbolic language of Polynesia. The consequence of this is that I have to allow myself to be completely free to design it. This also means that when creating a tattoo you will only see the finished freehand drawing applied to the body when it is completely finished. The presence of third parties is not permitted during the preliminary drawing.

The work is designed using a symbolic language that has evolved over time and is only passed on orally. In order to preserve the tradition of only verbal transmission to a restricted and particularly competent group of people, the symbolism used is explained to you verbally once in a large manner. Neither me nor you are allowed to document this in any form.

  1. A contract for the creation of a work is concluded when an appointment for the creation of the work is agreed between us and you agree with its draft - this is a free-hand drawing, which in the case of a tattoo is applied directly to the body in the first appointment - I agree. The appointment proposed to you must be confirmed using this form, which can only be sent via WhatsApp or MMS to the following telephone number: +49 (0) 162 410 09 77. An appointment is only binding if the appointment we have proposed is confirmed by you.

  2. A tattoo appointment usually lasts 6 hours and takes place between 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., unless otherwise agreed. Regardless of its duration, the minimum price for a tattoo appointment is € 160. We reserve the right to cancel an appointment early if we determine that it is necessary to terminate it due to external circumstances or to protect your health or well-being. Claims for damages or reimbursement of expenses on your part do not arise from this.

Brief interruptions to the tattoo process (e.g. for the purpose of eating) are not deducted from the session time and therefore do not affect the fee to be paid.

The wages owed are based on the hourly rates applicable at the time of creation. These will increase in 2021 and from then on annually by € 10 per hour.

  1. You should not cancel an appointment later than 10 days before the agreed appointment is carried out. A later cancellation of an appointment or the non-appearance at an appointment does not invalidate our entitlement to the fee for the appointment in the agreed duration, unless you cancel your appointment for reasons for which you are demonstrably not responsible. It is to be reduced by the amount in which we have saved expenses due to the cancellation of the deadline or which we have taken or maliciously omitted to take by executing another order. You must provide evidence of saved expenses, other earnings or earning opportunities. The same applies if an appointment is prematurely canceled by you for reasons other than important.

    Should we have to cancel an appointment, you will not have any claims for damages or reimbursement of expenses. The latter also applies in the event of delays on our part.

  2. The fee is paid in cash immediately before each appointment is held.

  3. The execution of each tattoo appointment is subject to the fact that you are not in a condition at this time, which is contrary to the execution of the tattoo. These include in particular

  • Alcohol or narcotic intoxication,

    The use of anticoagulant or other medication that excludes or significantly complicates the execution of a tattoo,

  • The unsolicited application of surface anesthetics

    Illnesses which exclude or make it much more difficult to carry out a tattoo, including simple colds or flu-like infections.

  • A known allergy to the ingredients of tattoo inks or other tattoo inks,

  • a hygienic condition of the customer that is unacceptable for the tattoo artist,

    a state of mind or state of maturity that contradicts effective consent to bodily harm.

    Pregnancy or breastfeeding of the customer

    The same applies if you behave in a way that makes it unsafe to successfully complete the treatment.

    You have to submit a written declaration of consent before each tattoo appointment. If you fail to do this or if you are not legally able to do so, or if there is another reason regulated in this contract in your person or in your behavior, which prevents the implementation of the respective appointment, we reserve the right to cancel this appointment in accordance with paragraph 6 of these contractual terms and conditions.

9. If the desired tattoo is a cover-up / blastover, no guarantee is given that the tattoo to be covered will be completely covered. At the same time, it is expressly pointed out that the interaction between the existing and the new tattoo ink to be applied can lead to aesthetically undesirable results as well as unforeseeable reactions of the skin and scarring. No liability can be assumed for the consequences of such interactions between the existing tattoo and the cover-up tattoo. It is also pointed out that it cannot be foreseen how many sessions will be necessary to complete the work.

  1. If laser treatment has been carried out on the skin area to be tattooed prior to the tattoo, this can have a negative impact on the quality and durability of the tattoo. The same applies to skin areas that are already scarred. No liability can be accepted for undesired optical effects, color deviations, scar formation, color gradients, wound healing disorders and / or other undesirable consequences of tattooing laser-treated or otherwise scarred skin.

  2. We cannot accept any liability for complications that are beyond our controllability (e.g. pigment migrations - so-called blowouts - due to a predestined skin texture, allergic or non-allergic foreign body reactions and photo-toxic reactions to a tattoo ink, etc.).

  3. We also assume no liability for complications in wound healing and any consequences resulting therefrom (wound infections, scarring, damage to a tattoo, etc.) as a result of aftercare errors or negligence on your part. Please follow the care instructions available on our website and contact us immediately in the event of an unexpected healing process or - in the event of significant problems or complications - see a professionally experienced doctor outside of our business hours.

  4. A tattoo is only finished and ready for acceptance when the correct color saturation has been achieved. It can be assumed that this will require at least two - paid - meetings. Should the tattoo lose color in the course of the healing process, the customer can only request free re-piercing if this is not caused by improper care of the tattoo after the appointment or by adverse environmental influences (UV exposure) have arisen. In all other cases, follow-up appointments are chargeable. If you do not indicate within 3 months after completing the tattoo that there has been a loss of color through no fault of your own, it is assumed that you are responsible for this or that it was caused by environmental influences. For the agreement and implementation of a follow-up appointment, the provisions of Clause 6 on appointment cancellation and Clause 8 apply accordingly, with the additional special feature that a delayed and culpable cancellation of the follow-up appointment is deemed to be a waiver of subsequent performance.

  1. Our activity is not limited to the creation of tattoos. The choice of medium is at your own discretion.

  2. You grant us the right to use, reproduce and publish free of charge in terms of content, space and time to all photographs that we take of the work that has been created. You also agree that photographs or film recordings may be made of the work - even if you should be recognizable on them. These consents can be revoked in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

    We grant you - and only you - the right to use, reproduce and publish the tattoo free of charge in terms of content, space and time. This right does not include commercial use, reproduction, publication or other use. Our consent must be obtained in writing for this. If a medium other than a tattoo is chosen for the creation of the work, its reproduction - regardless of which type, but especially in the form of a tattoo - is excluded.

16. In addition, the provisions of the German Civil Code apply in the currently valid version as long as they do not contradict these terms and conditions.

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