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What you need to know before your appointment

A consultation fee for Polynesian tattoos costs € 150, - and is to be paid in cash after the consultation, if the consultation was satisfactory for you. If the consultation fee is sent by post, please fill out the forms on the website (should you opt for a tattoo) and send it along. You entrust Manu Tattoo with the conceptual study of symbols for your tattoo, with the delivery of the completed questionnaire , the payment of the consultation fee and / or the desired date form.

Please only make preliminary talks and appointments over the phone or in person, not via email, social networks, WhatsApp etc.

Paying a consultation fee is not a mandatory requirement for a tattoo.

A consultation fee cannot be refunded or transferred to others as it is a service that had already taken place at the time of payment. The consultation fee is only paid after the consultation, if it was satisfactory, which the customer decides. There are no advance payments for a consultation.

If a consultation fee has been paid, this is not a binding obligation on the part of the tattooist to provide or complete a tattoo desired or planned in this context; it was paid for the consultation on Polynesian tattoos.

Please bring with you to your appointment: a large towel , drinks, snacks, etc.

There is no consultation fee for small tattoos (the size of a cigarette packet). The minimum price for a tattoo is 160 euros, there are exceptions.

If you decide to reserve an appointment, the reservation is free of charge, i.e. no deposit is required.

An hourly rate is set for the freehand drawing on your skin, the same applies to the tattoo afterwards. A fixed price cannot be estimated because the time required depends on many unpredictable factors.

The cost of drawing is equal to the cost of tattooing.

In 2020, these will be 160 euros per hour, they will be increased by 10 euros next year. Please no bills over 100 euros.

Payment is made in cash, in advance, according to the time booked. If it has not been expressly stated in advance how many hours are planned, a session refers to the time from 2pm to 8pm.

If a session has to be canceled, breaks have to be made, or the customer arrives too late, this does not reduce the planned session price.

During the first session, people draw and engrave the contours and begin to fill in.

The drawing takes place directly on the skin, there is no template that you can see beforehand or that you can bring with you.

An important part of the end result of your work of art depends on the correct follow -up treatment and the omission of blood-thinning medication such as aspirin, vitamin C, energy drinks, bodybuilding supplements, alcohol, and caffeine, 24 hours before the treatment.

During the drawing phase, one should not look at the part of the body that is being painted.

After completing the drawing of the Maori / Polynesian tattoo, you should see the complete work and have a "WOW" effect.

If it is "love", it will be tattooed.

During the drawing phase, Manu doesn't talk much because she has to concentrate a lot and her inspiration should flow undisturbed.

After that and before that, she likes to talk very much.

If you bring someone with you to your appointment, they should also stick to it and maybe bring something to read, they will wait in the lounge area.

When the tattoo is finally healed, a final appointment can be made to refill the black areas, but this is not an obligation.

Our terms and conditions .

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