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The inspiration for my polynesien tattoos originate from the following islands.


Samoa / Samoan tattoo

New Zealand / Maori tattoo

Marquisen Islands / Marquisen tattoo

Hawaii / Hawaiian tattoo

Fiji / Fiji tattoo

Tahiti / Tahitian tattoo

Tonga / Tongan tattoo

Easter Island / Easter island tattoo

Wallis and Fortuna / Wallis and Fortuna tattoo

Philippines / Filipino

Micronesia / Micronesian tattoo

Rarotonga / Cook Island / Rarotonga and Cook island tattoo



What you need to know about Polynesian / Maori tattoos

as well as  designs from, Fiji tattoo, Samoan tattoo, Marquisen tattoo, Tongan tattoo, Hawaiian tattoo, Guam tattoo, Papa nut tattoo, South sea tattoo, Pacific island tattoo.


Almost all the symbols have a meaning, that can vary from island group to island group, and also vary depending upon the placement on your body.

These Tataus tell the story of the bearer.  It is therefore not possible to copy a design from another person or something found on Google.  This means, we do not tattoo with templates or tracings.

You can tell us which style you prefer for your polynesian tattoo.


You should be aware, that these polynesien tattoos influence your body, soul and spirit, because they have mystical powers.


These polynesian symbols and tattoos have been handed down for thousands of years, and have influence, like guardian angels or a lucky charm.

Many symbols in  stand for, good health, freedom, protection, family,  loyalty, friends, ancestors, children, marriage, warrior, new life, God, status, luck, nature, prosperity, fighter, leader, hunter, love, ancestors...

Manu knows the symbols and the meaning, as she has studied them.

Thanks to her adoption from the Samoan Matai, Maua Faleauto, to be his sister, Manu has access to the symbols, and the meanings, which are being  partially kept secret to the public.  


Making an appointment.


After a successful and thorough first talk / consultation, we will need a consultation fee, this is due before your appointment.  The  fee is 150.00 Euros and is to be paid in cash.  

A downpayment for your appointment is not necessary.  

Consultation fees will not be refunded or transferred to third parties.  


When not showing up for your appointment, we have the right to charge for the missed work time.  In all cases there will be another fee for your appointment.  

Appointments can be changed by the artist, sick customers will not be tattooed.  

For appointments and consultations please use your phone and call.

We prefer personal contact, not email or social media, like whats app, facebook etc…


 You will receive a questionnaire to fill out, about your past, present, and future, and any other important circumstances.  Your polynesian tattoo will be put together according to the answers in the questionnaire and the matching symbols to those.  For the freehand drawing on your skin, as well as for the tattoo, there will be set hourly price ( 160 Euros ), to estimate the entire time or price is impossible to do, since it is depending upon many factors.  


Frequently asked questions.

How much is a full sleeve?

For a normal size whole arm, from shoulder to wrist all the way around you have to count with, including the drawing between 10 and 12 hours, depending on the size of your arm, and the size of the symbols.  2-3 hours for the freehand drawing and 7-9 hours for the tattoo.  Leading to about 1500 to 1800 Euros or more.  After 10 days there will be another  sitting for blackening out the tattoo in necessary places.  During the first sitting the outlines will be tattooed.  The rest of the tattoo can be done in one, or multiple sittings.  


The payment will be in cash, according to the working time spent.  The drawing will happen directly on your skin, there will be no templates or tracings which you will see first, or that you can bring in.  The costs for the drawing are the same as the costs for the tattooing.  €150.00 Euros per hour.


For the perfect final result of your tattoo, it is important that you do the healing part correctly.

It is important to leave away blood thinning medication before your tattoo, like aspirin, vitamin C, energy drinks, alcohol, caffeine, body building supplements.


After the consultation, in which we together determine which style of a polynesien tattoo you want, Manu will draw on you.  During the drawing time you should avoid to look at the progress in order to not take away the wow effect in the end, it has to be love at first site when you see it. 


The freehand drawing, for example a Marquisen tattoo, can take up to three hours depending on the size.  During this time Manu likes to concentrate and not talk a lot, in order not to bother her inspiration.  In case you bring a friend, they will be asked to wait outside in the waiting area.

 Always bring a big towel and water to drink , as well as a snack.


After the first sitting, 10 days of healing have to go by, to finish your polynesian tattoo.


You are also welcome to come by without an appointment and try your luck, to get tattooed as a walk in.

All tattoos have a minimum price of 150 Euro . 

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