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Legal notice

The customer understands that pictures of their tattoo or drawing could be used in public media, (web site, facebook, instagram, etc...)  Even when the customer can be recognized.  All rights of the picutures remain property of Manu Tattoo.

Making an appointment.

After a successful and thorough first talk / consultation, we will need the consultation fee, this is due before your appointment.  The  fee is 150.00 Euros and is to be paid in cash.  

A downpayment for your appointment is not necessary. 

 Consultation fees will not be refunded or transferred to third parties.  

If not differently made out, one sitting is during the hours of 2 pm -8pm.

Entering the property and the business is always at your own risk . Kids under the age of 18 are not allowed in the studio and outside only under parental supervision. Pets are not allowed , no smoking or chewing tabacco.

There will be no guarantee for you liking the drawing , or the tattoo ,no refund etc. 

If you paid for your consultation, it is not automatically an engagement for the artist, to do your tattoo. 

If you have an appointment , it can be cancelled completely, without refund.

Therefore there will be no downpayment for any appointments. A consultation and its fee , is only for the consultation, not for your appointment.

Bring a big towel, water and snack for your tattoo. The tattoo will be paid in cash upfront. 

If you misbehave during a tattoo, we have the right to end the session without refund.

Touch ups will be charged the same hourly rate as the tattoo.

For the completion of your tattoo, which has a lot of intense black areas and lots of lining, it is absolutely necessary to have a last (touch up) session .  Earliest 14 days after your tattoo, latest 2 months. 

Every tattoo has a minimum price of €170.00, this includes touch ups.

If there is a set price for a tattoo, this will not include the cost for a touch up.


When not showing up for your appointment, we have the right to charge for the missed work time.   

Appointments can be changed by the artist.  Sick customers will not be tattooed.  

For appointments and consultations please use your phone and call, or come by personally.

We prefer personal contact, not email or social media, like whats app, facebook etc…

 You will receive a questionnaire to fill out, about your past, present, and future, and any other important circumstances.  Your Polynesian tattoo will be put together according to the answers in the questionnaire and the matching symbols to those.  For the freehand drawing on your skin, as well as for the tattoo, there will be set hourly price, to estimate the entire time or price is impossible to do, since it is depending upon many factors.

The payment will be in cash, according to the working time spent.  The drawing will happen directly on your skin, there will be no templates or tracings which you will see first, or that you can bring in.  The costs for the drawing are the same as the costs for the tattooing.  Starting on the 1st of Jan. 2021 it will be 170.00 Euros per hour.


For the perfect final result of your tattoo, it is important that you do the healing part correctly.

It is important to leave away blood thinning medication before your tattoo, like aspirin, vitamin C, energy drinks, alcohol, caffeine, body building supplements.


After the consultation, in which we together determine which style of a Polynesien tattoo you want, Manu /Samoan Manu will draw on you.  During the drawing time you should avoid to look at the progress in order to not take away the wow effect in the end, it has to be love at first site when you see it. 


The freehand drawing, can take up to three hours or more ,depending on the size.  During this time Manu likes to concentrate and not talk a lot, in order not to bother her inspiration.  In case you bring a friend, they will be asked to wait outside in the waiting area, when the drawing is completed, the outlines will be tattooed.


The place of jurisdiction is Amberg.

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