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Polynesian tattoos

What you need to know about Maori / Polynesian tattoos.

This also applies to motifs for Fiji Tattoo, Marquisien Tattoo, Tonga Tattoo, Guam Tattoo, Maori Tattoo, Hawaii Tattoo, Samoa Tattoo, Rapa nui Tattoo, South Sea Tattoo, Pacific Island Tattoo, Polynesian Tattoo.

Almost all symbols have a meaning that can vary depending on the island and also vary depending on where they are placed on the body.

These tattoos symbolize the history of the respective wearer.

It is therefore not possible to copy a motif that a customer likes and that he has found somewhere on Google.

This means that we do not tattoo based on a template.

You can tell us which style you like for your Maori tattoo.

One should be aware that these Maori tattoos change the body and mind because they have mystical powers.

These Polynesian symbols / tattoos have been handed down for hundreds of years and have an influence, like a guardian angel or talisman. In Tahiti, a tatouage is also called a patutiki, in the marquise islands, which are also called Henau Enana, the tiki plays an important role.

Many symbols of the Marquisien or Marquesan tattoos or Patutiki stand for God, love, health, freedom, protection, family, loyalty, friends, ancestors, children, marriage, struggles, new life, status, luck, nature, prosperity, fighters , Leaders, hunters and many others. There are no other South Sea tatouages ​​that have more meanings than those of the Marquis. The symbols of the marquisien Patutiki / Tatouage polynésien, are the most powerful of the Polynésien world.

Here you can find the meaning, Polynesian symbols and a list of the world's best Polynesian tattoo artists.

Vous trouverez ici les significations, of the symbol polynésiens et une list des meilleurs tatoueurs polynésiens du monde.

Here you will find the meanings of Polynesian symbols, and a list of the world's best Polynesian tattoo artists.

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